Heridam Worldwide Limited is involved in the mineral exploration of myriad precious stones and substances imbedded in Nigeria sub-crust around the mineralized tenement areas within our geographical location in Nigeria, coordinates were taken from some of the mineralized locations caross Nasarawa, Kwara, Ogun, and Kogi states of Nigeria, the local land owners were settled in order to obtain consent letters from them. Our licenses were duly processed through Mining Cadastral Office (MCO), we are licensed to mine minerals such as;  Lithium, Gold (primary deposit), Beryllium, Tin, Zircon, Mica, Tantalite, Lead Zinc, Tomalin, Morgan stone, Iron, Tin, Columbite, Gypsium, and Feldspar. Heridam partners with many local and international investors/expertise and local professionals in the industry, they engage the weapons of modern equipment in order to locate the veins of the minerals, and the economic viability (bankable data on such minerals) scientifically. Some of these minerals are beneficiated in Nigeria in order to add value to them through which good numbers of Nigerians are lucratively employed.

We are still spreading our discovery of such minerals as aforementioned and other minerals that are of economic value to our dear nation Nigeria, which will also serve and attract the interest of the global village.